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Artist info

Dear musicians, technicians etc…


“Artist info” is meant as a help to give you an overview of how Jelling Musikfestival is organized.

“Artist Info” is also riders/contracts of technical character – and all specifications will be according as in the contract.

It might not be the first time you are visiting the festival, but maybe something has changed since last time. We continuous try to develop the festival with new ideas and initiative, so the festival gets even more attractive for the audience, musicians, technicians, partners, volunteers etc.

Safety has a very high priority at the festival. The management has made a detailed emergency plan and estimate of risks in connection with the festival.    

All artist has to observe the rules for performing (see Security).

We hope you will get a nice and comfortable stay at Jelling Musikfestival. See more about the festival at www.jellingmusikfestival.dk 

Please try to respect the described deadlines and directions – obviously, we are available for any further questions concerning the festival.



We look forward to seeing you!

With hopes for an great festival

The Festival Management

The Festival

Jelling Musikfestival is known for its cozy, popular and pleasurable image. Since 1989, the festival has taken place every year in the end of May.

The festival is located at a beautiful area just outside the town. The address is Mølvangvej 66 B 7100 Jelling.


The audience

Jelling Musikfestival has gradually become a large festival – anyway there will never be more than 30.000 people at the festival ground at once. 


The organization

Jelling Musikfestival is an association, which is intended to make a music festival every year.

The profit from the festival are hand out for charity.

In connection with the festival there is a foundation called “Festivalfonden af 2006”.

The festival management consist of 5 members – and the daily running are taken by a festival administration with 5 fulltime employees.

During the festival, a large number of volunteers are doing different jobs at and around the festival.


Jelling Musikfestival Office
Byens Hus, Moellegade 10, 1. sal
DK-7300 Jelling

Festival Venue
Moelvangvej 66 B
DK-7300 Jelling

Phone: 75872888
Mail: info@jellingmusikfestival.dk
Homepage: www.jellingmusikfestival.dk
Facebook: www.facebook.com/JellingMusikfestival

Production Coordinator

Morten Færk
+45 22366550

Manager/ Responsible, Music                                         
Lars Mortensen (Charlie)                        
+45 758728888                                                 

Accreditation & Merchandise

Bettina Küsch
+45 75872888


Stagemanager Main Staige

Jørgen Hoffmann
+45 53636888


Stagemanager Tentstage & New Stage

Jacob Due Hansen
+45 29170249


Stagemanager Alfreds Stage
Hans Peter (HP) Hviid
+45 22824567

Accreditation & access

A template which can be used for typing in names will be sent through e-mail during the month of April. This will be sent to the management/tour manager or the artist.

It is important to notice that forwarded accreditations lists is completed before arrival – band and crew lists should be filled in no later than 2 weeks prior to festival start – guests can be typed in on the day, as long as it is done before they arrive at the artists entrance.

The accreditation list MUST contain the following information:

  • Full name (first & last name)
  • E-mail address & cell phone number on tour manager
  • Postal address on tour manager (this is used for sending permit for driving at the festival area. If the postal address is not fulfilled the permits will be mailed to the agency)

Artists/crew/guests access
Each artist, crew and guest will at the artist’s entrance receive a bracelet with reference to the fulfilled accreditation list (see above).

All artists and crew will receive the bracelet that gives access to enter that specific stage where their performance is. The bracelet will only give access backstage on the day of the performance – but is valid for entering the area for the audience during the whole festival.


  1. Artists & crew members has access to the stage and backstage area in the period where they are working. Additionally they have access to the audience area all days.
  2. A band/artist has the opportunity to have a guest list for the day of their performance in accordance with the agreement with the festival. Guest’s access is limited to audience area.
    Guest email must be typed - the guest will recieve an email with check-in-number when you pres the Save-button.

The festival management reserves the right to delete “unserious” lists.

The lists must be handed in with first and last name on the guest – e.g. one person per bracelet. It is not possible to type in a name + 1 (in such case the name will only receive 1 bracelet for the person mentioned).

  1. Management, booking and recording companies is only by appointment. There is only access for the companies and associates who has an agreement with the festivals head of booking.

NB: Guests are being typed into the same accreditation lists as artists and crew.

Do you need any help when filling out the accreditation lists please do not hesitate to contact Bettina Küsch at the festival office – this can be done through the e-mail address: akkreditering@jellingmusikfestival.dk.

Driving to the festival & Parking

There are fully functional and safe roads avaliable to and from the stages at the festival. However if a truck or equal should be stuck anyway in the mud etc. the festival is of course available to help free the truck/car or equal at one’s own risk.

In case of trucks, busses etc. is not parked on the assigned area they will be requested to be moved, and if this is not followed they will be removed with at owner’s risk.

All vehicle that are wished to be parked in and around the backstage area must require a license from the festival office – this must be done no later than 14 days prior to festival start.

The driver permission must be filled out correct with name and cell phone number and hereafter be placed in the windscreen so it’s clearly visible. Do not book more permits than necessary to be used by the artists/band. (see Accreditation)

  • Parking is at one’s own risk
  • Requests from stage manager or security regarding moving the vehicle must be followed immediately. Small cars is required, in widest possible way, to be parked on the festival parking area (just across the road from the festival venue)

Trucks/fork lift/Busses

Upon arrival at the festival you are asked to use the artist entrance. Here you will be checked in and gain information about where you can park and how to get to the specific stage you are connected to.

All vehicles, larger trucks and busses are asked to follow the driving and parking directions carefully. Remember to fill out and put your driver permission from the festival in your windscreen.

Driver permission for the festival will be posted or e-mailed no later than 14 days prior to the festival.

Light & Sound in general, riders etc.

Light & Sound in general
Nordic Rentals A/S delivers the festivals sound, light and stages - www.nordic.dk.
If any questions, please contact Production Coordinator

Sound and light will be as specified under each stage. Special requests will, unless otherwise agreed, be on the artists own account.

Note! Specifications continuously updated and can be chanced until mid-May.

Riders, stage plans etc. from artists
Please send riders & stage plan: Production Coordinator.
If you bring your own sound-/light crew, please inform us about that.
Please send the above information
no later than 14 days prior to the festivalstart.

Electric power in general
Qualified and professional electricians will be on duty during the entire festival. The electricians can be called at any time. We clearly point out that all electric outlets will be kept according to Danish law

Enquiry concerning electric power, please contact Production Coordinator.

Stage Specifications - Main Stage

Audio Specification

Light Specification

Jelling Festival Lightplot Illustration
Jelling Festival 2018 light overview
Jelling Festival 2018 light FRONT
Jelling Festival 2018 light SIDE
Jelling Festival 2018 light Top
Lights wyg

LED Screen spec 2018


Drawing Main Stage



I tillæg til festivalens standard lys & lyd setup, vil flg. el være til rådighed:
2 x 400 A powerlock, 2 stk 3x125A CEE , 2 stk 3x63A CEE, 2 stk 3x32A CEE og 2 stk 3x16A CEE

Stage Specifications - New Stage

Capacity: aprox. 400 pers.


Audio & Light specification


In addition to the festival standard light & sound setup, the following electricity will be available:
1x3x32 amp

Stage Specifications - Alfreds Stage

Capacity: aprox. 700 pers.


Audio & Light specification


In addition to the festival standard light & sound setup, the following electricity will be available:

1x3x32 amp.

Stage Specifications - Søpavillon

 Audio & Light specification


A stage manager and a team of experienced stagehands will be helpful on each stage.

NOTE all the artists use these stagehands at the relevant stage.


To get the best possible flow, technicians from the individual bands have to arrive with all necessary equipment’s at the time arranged with the Production Coordinator.

Please contact the Stage Manager at arrival for line-up planning.

Schedule/Running Order for the individual artist are available at the Production Coordinator.

Please observe the schedule! In case of any delay caused by technical problems the responsible for the music will decide if it is necessary to shorten the playing time.

References from the responsible for the music, the production coordinator and the stage manager must be respected.

Pyro permission etc.

If pyro technics is used, the Production Coordinator, Stage Manager and Stage Security Supervisor for the individual stage must be informed. Please send a copy of the permission to the Production Coordinator.

The individual artist is responsible for applying and getting the needed permissions from the relevant authorities.

NOTE it takes at least 4 weeks to process applications for pyro technics at the authorities.

You can apply to: TrekantBrand - myndighed@trekantbrand.dk


Jelling Musikfestival has a nice and friendly audience, but anyway security has a very high importance.

The festival management has made a detailed emergency plan, which describes the possible risks that can occur when so many people are assembled.  

The emergency plan is a dynamic document, based from a security assessment, for the number of stage guards at each performance.

At the festival ground and at the different stages the necessary precautions are always taken.

At each performance, a team of professional stage guard will be disposal.

First-aid personnel, nurses, doctors, fire department and police will be on duty during the whole festival and all these authorities’ works closely together during the festival.

The festivals security team should be seen as a service team and they are able to estimate a risk and handle from that.


The audience is informed about the precautions the festival management has set via the printed program, the festivals homepage as well as in the festival paper. Besides that the festivals regulations are showed at all entrances to the festival ground.

Apart from common consideration for one other, we point out to the audience that it is not allowed to bring bottles etc. to the festival ground.

Besides that, we point out to the audience that it is not allowed to push and strive in front of stage, sitting at each other’s shoulders or be a part of moshing or slamming.
All references from security has to be followed, anything else would result in expulsion.

On stage
We point out to everyone on stage that stagediving, crowd surfing or inviting the audience to show aggressive behavior including moshing or slamming are strictly illegal.

On stage, it is the responsible head of security who entirely decides when and if the music, in case of emergency, has to be switch off. All references from head of security have to be followed.

Head of Security 

Peter Tanghus 
+45 30536314


All artists have the right to sell merchandise at the festival ground.
However, any sales have to follow the stage managers references.

At ‘Store Scene’ & ‘Teltscenen’ a suitable tent (3x3 m.) will be placed for merchandise. Tables and light are available in the tent. 
The tent can be used max. 1 hour before and 1 hour after the artist’s performance.
The artist has to bring merchandise crew and sales objects by themselves.

Merchandise placing ’Store Scene’ (Main Stage)

Click for large image

Merchandise placing ’Teltscenen’ (Tentstage)

Click for large image

Questions about artist merchandise – contact Bettina Küsch, +45 75872888.
Jelling Musikfestival reserves the right to sell t-shirts with the name of all artists.


Backstage, changing rooms & catering

Jelling Musikfestival wishes all artists and crewmembers to have a nice and comfortable stay at the festival and we will do our best for good backstage conditions.

The backstage area is a working area for artists, crew etc. therefor we try to keep the area “children-free-zone”.

Jelling Musikfestival is open for wishes and will try to fulfil as many as possible.

Besides changing facilities, a shared area with a terrace is available for the artists, crew, and other from the music industry where you can meet up and relax. There will always be coffee and tea, delicious food from the buffet, fruit and snacks etc. Equally, there will be plenty of soft drinks, beer and wine.

Changing rooms
Changing rooms are available for the artists and crew. These are furnished and the festivals service team provides catering. If any special requests, please contact the festival in advance.

Changing rooms will be available 2 hours before “showtime” and has to be leaved no later than 2 hours afterwards, unless other special agreements have been made – this must be observed!

Showers are available. The shower facilities are not in direct connection with the musicians changing rooms, but only about 500 meters away and still within the backstage area.

Coordinator backstage, changing rooms & catering

Kirsten Grunnet
+45 23412787


Fee will be transferred through bank referring to contract.
Alternative, if agreed in contract, settlement can take place at the economy office immediately after performance. The economy office is placed at the backstage area.

All artist/agencies have to declare CVR.nr. or names and CPR. number on each receiver, before fee can be transferred.

Press, photo and big screen

It is hard to give a precise overview of how much and which part of the press will show up.
The video created from the big screen production will be recorded - however it will only be used in any kind after approval from artist/management. Interviews can be expected to be arranged - but only after agreement from artist/management beforehand.

A positive attitude for the above is expected, as both the artist and the festival will be promoted.
HERE for Press accreditation.

All photographers – including photographers associated with an artist – must be accredited through the festivals press accreditation, so photo permission can be issued.

We will like to protect the artists and their crew - that is why photographers cannot be accredited to the backstage area.

Press Contact
Jeppe Wojcik

Big screen
At the ’Store scene’ and ’Teltscenen’ there will be a big screen – and the production for the screen will be handled by professionals.
If any questions about the big screen production, please contact the Production Coordinator.

The festivals video/photo/web team recording material and produce every year small “atmosphere videos” for the festivals homepage, Facebook, Instagram etc. We hope that the artists have a positive attitude for these recordings.

Interviews with artists will be arrange with artist/management.

Hotel, taxi, airport etc.

The festival is happy to help with booking of accommodation for the artists at our partners. Please contact the festival for information about hotels, booking of accommodation etc. at akkreditering@jellingmusikfestival.dk

Billund Airport is about 20 min. drive from Jelling.
Tel: +45 75 33 28 44

Vejle Taxa
Tel: +45 70 20 12 22

By train
Jelling has its own train station. The train departs and arrives every 20 minutes to/from Vejle and Herning.

Instagram sneak peak – #Jelling18

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